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Activate my In&box

Once you have purchased an airbag product featuring the In&motion airbag system, you will need to activate your In&box for the first time only, so that your system is operational and you can ride in complete safety.

STEP 1: Download the “My In&box” mobile application

Once you’ve downloaded the app, check that your phone or tablet is connected to the Internet and launch the app.Important :The “My In&box” application is available on iOS from version 13.6 and on Android from version 8. 0. It is also possible to carry out the entire activation procedure from our website by clicking on the “Moto Membership” section.

STEP 2: Create your user account and subscribe to an In&motion membership
  • Launch the “My In&box” mobile application
  • Click on “Create an account
  • Select the package of your choice and the options
  • Fill in all the fields in your user account (address, telephone number, e-mail address (cannot be changed later), password, etc.) and enter your payment details.
  • Check your information and your order, then click on “Join”. A confirmation e-mail will be sent immediately.
STEP 3: Pair an In&box with a user account

The first 48 hours of riding are free. After 48 hours, the In&box will no longer be paired and will be blocked with a red flashing light. To pair your In&box, all you need is your airbag system, a charged In&box, and a tablet or smartphone with the mobile app.

  • Switch on the In&box and activate Bluetooth on the phone (or tablet) you’re using.
  • Start the pairing procedure
  • Enter the serial number of the purchased In&motion airbag system: note that the serial number is located on the last label inside the airbag product!
  • Check that the In&box is switched on and close by.
  • Check that your smartphone or tablet has internet access
  • The application will now search for available, switched-on In&boxes in your vicinity. If more than one In&box is detected, an information message will appear, and you’ll need to scan the QR code printed on the back of the In&box.

When pairing is successful, the In&box LEDs stop flashing. Once scanned, a validation screen appears! The In&box is now active and paired with the user account!Appairage In&box de In&motionIf you don’t have a phone compatible with the “My In&box” mobile application, you can follow the manual activation procedure available here.#how to activate your In&box, how to start your In&box, Activate my In&box, How to activate my Inebox

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