SupportDo I need an In&box?

Do I need an In&box?

The In&box is the heart of the In&motion system, triggering the airbag. So you must have the In&box with your airbag protection gear for it to work.

When subscribing to your formula, you will be asked whether or not you want to add an In&box to your basket (*free shipping).

Warning: In the USA and Canada, In&boxes are supplied directly with your airbag product.

Do you need an In&box

If an In&box was supplied to you when buying your gear (delivered with your airbag clothes or provided in store), click on “I’m sure I don’t need one”. You already have it

However, if you do not have an In&box, you must order it when subscribing, so click on “Yes, add to my basket”. You will receive it within 72 hours, and you will need to activate your airbag product after subscribing to your formula.

How do I activate my airbag product?

Once you have your In&box, you must activate your product to make the airbag operational. To do this, please read the following article that explains the pairing procedure.

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