SupportHow can I change my airbag product size?

How can I change my airbag product size?

If you’ve bought an airbag product but the size does not fit you, you simply need to go to your reseller store in order to check if you can change your product with the correct size.

If you already have an In&box with your airbag product, you can keep your current In&box and you will only have to follow a process in order to pair your current In&box to your new airbag product:

Procédure de désappairage In&box

  • From the mobile app « My In&box », connect to your user account created earlier
  • Turn on your In&box and connect it to your mobile app
  • Go to the “Settings” tab. In the “my equipment” section, click on “In&box” and then on “unpair” in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Your In&box will be unpaired from your user account
  • Start again the pairing process by entering your new airbag product serial number. If you do not know anymore how to pair your In&box, find the whole process here.
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