SupportMobile App “My In&box”

Mobile App “My In&box”

Thanks to the mobile app « My In&box », you can activate your In&box and access your dashboard in real time.

Download the app « My In&box » on AppStore (iOS version) or Google Play Store (Android version).

The mobile app « My In&box » is currently compatible with the following mobile phones:

  • iOS from version 14
  • Android from version 8.0

It is compatible with an Apple Watch from version 7.2.

For the first use only, connect to the app using the login and password created earlier when creating your user account. Then, activate your In&box and pair it to your user account through the app. You will find all the activation process here.

Once activate, the In&box is totally independant and does not need to be connected to the mobile app to be functional.

MY In&box app functionalities:
      • Create your user account
      • Access your dashboard
      • Change your detection mode: Road, Track, Adventure, Adventure Race or Motocross
      • Follow the after-inflation process
      • Manage your user account

Mobile App "My In&box"

Mobile App "My In&box"

  • Change your detection mode: Road, Track, Adventure, Adventure Race or Motocross
  • Airbag system connection
  • Battery level
  • Wi-Fi networks configured
  • Last connection to In&motion server
  • In&box updates status
  • Turning my In&box on/off

In order to connect your In&box to your mobile app, you just need to turn on your In&box, launch the mobile app and connect to the app thanks to your user account. The mobile app will search for your In&box turned on and nearby in order to connect.


It’s new! You can now switch your In&box on or off directly from the “My In&box” mobile application!
– Make sure your mobile application and your In&box are up to date.
– Turn your In&box on once using the central button on the box.
– Go to the “My In&box” application, log in to your account and pair up your In&box.
– You can now switch your In&box on and off directly from the app!
Please note: If you have activated the “Status of my In&box” notifications, they will be deactivated when you switch your In&box to standby using the button in the application. You can reactivate them when you switch your In&box back on.
Warning: If the In&box has been switched off using the central button, the side button or because the battery is completely discharged, you will not be able to switch it back on using the mobile application.

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