SupportManaging my user account

Managing my user account

Access your personal user area in order to manage your user account. In order to access your user account, you simply need to connect to our website with your login (e-mail address) and password created during your subscription.

⚠ NEW: Find your user space in your ” My In&box ” application ⚠

ON THE MOBILE APP « My In&box »:

In the “My Account” tab you will be able to find:

  • Access to your personal information
  • The sponsorship
  • Payments and invoicing
  • Orders
  • Subscribe to an option, suspend your membership, or cancel your options

Manage your In&motion account


In the tab “Membership Moto” : log in. Then, go to “My account”. Once connected to your user account, you will be able to access several tabs:

  • Activation of your In & box and Wi-Fi configuration process
  • Your active requests

  • My personal information: identity, phone and email
  • Address of your account
  • Password modification (see process here)
  • Method of payment

  • You will find the details of your membership and a link to see the details of your next direct debits
  • Details of your next direct debits
  • The history of your In & motion invoices

  • Procedure for inflation detailed in a video
  • The possibility of sharing your experience with the In&motion team after a fall or an accident
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