SupportPurchase a second-hand airbag system

Purchase a second-hand airbag system

It’s easy to purchase a second-hand airbag product from a third party.

However, this is only possible for the In&box if the seller has chosen the Regular offer (i.e. the In&box has been purchased).

If your seller has chosen the Revolution offer (annual or monthly), the In&box is leased and remains the property of In&motion. Therefore it cannot be sold with the airbag product and must be returned to us.

“REVOLUTION” Membership

If you want to purchase a second-hand airbag system from someone who has the Revolution offer, they must cancel their monthly or annual membership at the end of their contract by notifying us in writing here. They just need to send us their In&box to complete their cancellation.
For more information on the cancellation procedure, please read our help article “Cancel my membership”.

With the Revolution membership, you cannot purchase the In&box with the airbag product. To activate your system, please create an account by registering for the offer of your choice and ordering a new In&box.

To create your account:

  • Click on Membership
  • Select the offer and the options of your choice
  • Once on the “Equipment Details” page:
    • Select the brand of your equipment
    • Indicate that you have a “second-hand airbag” product
    • Click on “I need to order an In&box”
  • Enter your account details
  • Enter your payment details and complete your registration by clicking on “Register”
“REGULAR” Membership

If you want to purchase a second-hand airbag from someone with a Regular offer, you must contact us here to let us know that you are the new owner of an airbag product and an In&box.
Each In&box is linked to a user account, so you must contact us to activate your system by manually changing the owner.

NB: The In&motion airbag system is a safety device designed to protect the user in the event of a fall or accident. The system was designed to withstand 3 inflations. Before buying a second-hand airbag system, ensure the product is in good condition and has not been inflated more than 3 times.
Regarding the product warranty if purchasing a second-hand product, please refer to your airbag product’s user manual.
In&box: this guarantee is limited to 2 years from the date of purchase (for In&box acquisitions). This warranty is limited to the original user.

For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions of Sale or Terms and Conditions of Lease.

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