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Memberships and formulas In&motion

In order to make your airbag system functional, your In&box needs to be activated.

To do so, you will need to select an In&motion membership. You will find all the details of the Memberships here.

An airbag product integrating the In&motion airbag system is composed of two elements:

  • The airbag product distributed by our partner brands and that you will have to purchase in store;
  • The In&box (the system detection device), manufactured by In&motion and distributed with the airbag product. The In&box needs to be activated through the mobile app “My In&box” or on our website by subscribing to an In&motion membership.

Depending on the membership selected, you can either purchase or lease your In&box. We currently offer two options to get your In&box:

  • The Revolution formula, which is a leasing formula and can be subscribed in two ways: either by subscribing to the monthly offer of €12/month cancel anytime, or by subscribing to the annual offer of €120/year.
  • The Classic formula which is a purchase formula. This formula is priced at €400 in addition to the airbag product. The In&box comes with a two-years warranty.

In addition to these two formulas, you will be able to select an option in order to benefit from additional advantages. For now, the track option is available for riding on track (homologated closed circuits) and is priced €8/month or €25/year.

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