In&motion BackstageThe power of data

The power of data

Our system is an autonomous airbag. No cables nor sensors to install on the motorcycle … How does the system detect a fall? How can it tell the difference between an “almost” fall for which the system mustn’t be triggered and a fall that must be covered? The answer is simple: with the use of a complex parameter: the data!

Find out how the In&team works with data and uses it to continuously enrich the detection algorithms,



Valentin, co-founder and Technical Director at In&motion, tells us about the heart of his job: working on data.

How do you define a normal situation from an abnormal situation?

How does the community participate in the enrichment of detection algorithms?

What is behind the updates?

Here are a few answers to these questions !

A question often comes up: why have different detection modes?

Here’s why !

We analyze, through the eye of data, the fall of Remy Gardner # 87 during the GP of Qatar in March 2020.







The In&members participate in the continuous optimization of the detection algorithm.

To date, we have more than 30 million kilometers traveled by In&motion technology, including 1 million kilometers traveled on the circuit!

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