The harmony of expertise

The harmony of expertise

During the last five episodes, we have seen how each profession plays a crucial role in the creation and the development of an In&motion airbag product.

From the analysis of trauma to the creation of detection algorithms and without forgetting of course the design of the garment, each expert brings their unique know-how to build ever more efficient airbags adapted to your needs.

In this episode, which marks the end of season 1, Aurélie, marketing product manager, explains how, like an orchestra conductor, she synchronizes the work of the different teams so that the product and the technology evolve together, and that these developments correspond to the needs and desires of the In&members.


The In&motion system was designed to be able to evolve over time, in the same way as a virtuous circle.

For several years, we have analyzed a considerable amount of data generated by professional pilots and testers. This data has enabled us to develop a reliable crash detection system that can be used by all riders. With this in mind, the performance of the In&motion detection modes continues to improve day by day thanks to user data. The more you drive, the more efficient the detection becomes and is able to adapt to all situations.

The harmony of expertise means ensuring that each of our strengths, of our knowledge, fits together to achieve a common result: ensuring the best possible protection.

We are a team of experts, engineers and enthusiasts of motorcycles, skiing, horse riding … We work with one goal in view: your protection.

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