Airbag Stories

Airbag Stories

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What does protection mean?
To protect is to work so that the consequences of an accident are reduced and if possible, reduced to zero.
To protect is to allow those who have suffered from an accident to resume their normal course of life with the minimum of impact.
To protect is to ensure that the minutes, the hours, the days after are not different from the days before.
To protect is to ensure that a few days later you can go for your morning jog, get back on your motorbike, kiss your daughter, finish on a podium, go for a golf course, start a new job, finish a stage of the Dakar,…
To protect is to make the days after as easy as the days before.

Since October 2018, thousands of bikers around the world have been equipped with the In&motion airbag system and it is their testimonies that reinforce the meaning of our work: protect to make the days after their accident better. Here are their stories:


I ran through the gravel trap going into the last corner at Mugello. The bike dug into the deep gravel and I fell off. The airbag triggered. It was my first experience with an airbag, and it was very impressive! My RST suit is perfectly ok and I was able to deflate the bag easily !


697 days

Deep loose sand crash about 30kph. The airbag functioned perfectly; I sustained no injury.


818 days

I had a fall during a trackday in the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve. Lost the front on turn 6. It was a low-speed slide and the airbag inflated. Zero injuries for me and minor damage to the bike, just clip ons and footpeg.


823 days

I was at Brno circuit, after a very long time. Third free practice at the very end, I had a huge highside at T10, speed was about 200 km/h my guess, so I hit very hard to the ground, my bike hit me from behind, right ribs to be precise. The Airbag has done its job perfectly, it saves my ribs for sure and also my upper body from big hit to the ground... Thank you very much for protection.


1041 days

My back tire went left when I went straight, and I slipped while exiting a roundabout. I was at a 30 km/h speed. The airbag inflated. My head and left leg hit the ground and slipped a bit. I haven't got any severe damage, just pain in the neck and in the left leg and heel, and a bruise. People helped me and called the emergency services, still I was fully conscient and could stand up by myself. The bike is partially brocken, the motor is scratched, the left mirror has exploded, the left handle is brocken too, and the selector (I don't know the name, the thing to shift gears).


1200 days

I was out on a dual-sport ride on both road and dirt road/gravel. The vest deployed on a slow speed drop in very slick muddy conditions. It deployed before I touched the ground or even realized it had inflated. Due to the slow speed fall, protection wasn’t actually needed but I’m happy it deployed. Had I fallen in a more awkward manner the protection would be been helpful. I wear the vest on every street ride since purchase.


1300 days

Racing Endurance at Oschersleben, Germany. Spits of rain suddenly make the track slippery. A low sider resulted in some tumbles for me and the bike. Airbag inflated. No injury and no pain. The bike was possible to repair and I came back on track an hour later. Picture taken when I returned to the pit. Rear frame, footrest and screen broken.


1370 days

On the the 9th of October, at around 8:30pm in town, I suffered a frontal crash : I hit the car coming towards me at around 50km/h (I don't know how fast the car was going) and flew over the top of it. I found myself face down on the road, still conscious, with pain in my arms.
People ran over to help and minutes after the medical team arrived. Straight away, I had an operation on the triple open fracture I had on my left arm. I also managed to break my right arm but nothing else.
I'm so happy to be here today in almost my integrity, thanks to your airbag.


1378 days

I did my first races last weekend in Ales. The weather was cold and unstable. During my second qualification I unfortunately fell. I lost control of the front of my bike which lead to a fall and a long slide on my side, and this allowed me to see the effect of the airbag. I'm really happy, it felt like I was wrapped in a cocoon during the crash. Without the airbag I wouldn't have been able to continue racing that weekend.


1391 days

I fell twice on the track on the 23rd of september. My bike was only lightly damaged and I felt absolutely nothing. The airbag inflated on the first fall, and I then used it as a back protector for the rest of the day.


1394 days

My front wheel slipped away in the middle of a left hand corner.... My tire pressure was too low + the temperature was also very low... The airbag inflated properly and I had absolutely no dammage whatsoever ! My bike on the other hand isn't in it's best state... ?


1371 days


2173 days

I was 4 days away from my 63 years. It had been a few months that I had this Airbag jacket, after having had a jacket with which we attach to the motorcycle, and the triggering takes place during the ejection. For some time I have been wondering if it would work in the event of an accident. I got the answer. I was going to a rehearsal with my music band, relaxed and not in a hurry (I don't like being in a hurry on a motorcycle, that's where we make mistakes). At a crossroads in the 11th arrondissement, the car coming towards me opposite, is about to turn on its left in front of me, and I slow down waiting to know what it will do. She stops, too, I think she lets me pass. I accelerate, and the car does the same and turns in front of me: frontal impact, but at low speed, fortunately. I fly away and find myself on the ground. I have sore legs, and no pain above the belt, and I realize that the jacket has tripped. This is my first collision accident. I'm totally hysterical, so glad I didn't have an injury. I am helped to get up because of contusions in the lower limbs. But, what a joy !!! I forget my bike which also had very few injuries too, so much so that I was able to leave with my KTM 1290 adventure S, it is solid. in short, almost a joy to have an accident (yes, I'm exaggerating !!). Thanks In&motion


1937 days

I'm writing to you today because I was a victime of a paticularly bad motorbike accident on the 20th of march 2020 (15 days of intensive care and 25 days in the hospital). Your airbag probably saved me from irreversible injuries, and I wanted to thank you again for creating this kind of equipement...


1581 days

After a nice ride in the Pilat (42) I was returning quietly to Lyon.
The sun begins to go down. I get off the highway and take the quays, the first traffic light turns red, I brake and stop quietly on the line.
5 seconds later I was on the ground with my poor dying strap and my airbag which created like a little cloud to catch me on the ground.
BOOM and PAN… the sound of the car hitting me in the back and the sound of the airbag triggering. I who is catapulted forward and who passes over the motorbike on the left (over the 3rd cooooooooorde) for a moment in the air, gravity reminds me of order and puts me on my back on the ground, is where I thought, "OUF" fortunately I have the airbag because the simple little dorsal of the jacket would not have done as much for sure! I feel tight in my clothes ... normal, I take 2 seconds to breathe and I get up. A passing biker stops and gives me a hand and realizes that my airbag was not useless.
Once standing I removed the airbag which tightened me a little but which allowed me to get out of it without any scratch and almost without aches!
I always advocated the equipment, that day in addition to the airbag I had my helmet, my gloves, but also my motorcycle jacket, my motorcycle pants and my motorcycle boots! Suffice to say that I had put all the chances on my side and that in the end I do not regret!


1622 days

The fall is classic a small high side at low speed, the airbag has triggered well before the ground, I had to raise the bike just after which is more difficult with the airbag inflated, apart from a feeling of being oppressed but this is due to the after fall but otherwise by relaxing we find a normal breath, we were able to put back a new cartridge, a cleat for the motorcycle is it left for the afternoon!


1860 days


1905 days

I was driving on the road and wanting to pass a roundabout at around 50km / h I lost the front on the change of angle on the left side. Sudden fall on the left side between the motorcycle and the sidewalk of the central reservation of the roundabout. Then slide on the ground for about 8 meters. I was able to go back and redo 5km to go home. I was accompanied to the emergency room. Assessment: broken rib and broken fibula head at the ankle with tearing of a ligament. All on the left side. I think the original front tire that I had just reassembled 2 years later was dry and not in temperature. My mistake. Thanks to my Ixon airbag vest which surely limited breakage on the upper body during impact with the sidewalk. My 1290R superduke has almost nothing: rear view left handlebar end clutch lever gear selector and shredded front / rear feet. It was a bad fall despite a fairly low speed.


1680 days


1649 days

My name is Carlos I take the motorbike every day to go to work. The day of my accident I returned to my home.
Arrived in the city center, and 2 km from my home, a stopped car, on the side of the track, maneuvered to turn around suddenly, without looking, when I arrived at his level. I could not do anything. I crashed into the left side of the vehicle (between the wing and the door). The impact threw me over the car, I made a sun and I fell on the asphalt like a pancake! Two things I remember, the first is the triggering of the airbag at the very moment of contact with the car and when I barely started to take off from the saddle, and the second the impact of the helmet on the bitumen, and the airbag which cushioned me in the chest. I got up without injury or scratch, it was my helmet which took a big shock and the airbag which protected me all the upper body as well as my equipment gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads which protected me my members.
I had nothing but material damage. Motorcycle irreparable, suddenly I recommended the same ... and I bought another Ixon airbag vest with In & motion technology (reimbursed by insurance!).
Thank you to the whole team for participating in my security!


1647 days


1782 days

Cold motorcycle, 1 km after departure, I take a roundabout which I have to do 3/4 of the way. I do not have a precise idea of ​​my speed but it should not exceed 30-40 km / h I think. Between the 1st third and half of the roundabout, being positioned inside (but not on the white line), I feel the bike float a 1st time, then a 2nd time where I lost the front I think and probably the rear at the same time. I slipped / rolled on the left side (inside side of the roundabout therefore), I understood that the airbag had been triggered when I was on the ground. During this time, the motorcycle made 5 meters by sliding on its left side. Friends followed me in the car, saw me on the ground, and helped raise the motorcycle. After going to see on foot, we found that the area where I lost control of the bike is a real rink, oily, and with the humidity it was a real trap. I come out of it with a scratch on my elbow and one on my knee. The helmet did not a priori touch the ground. Damage to the motorbike (see photos): handguard / left turn indicator / grated crankcase protection, folded gear selector, center and side stands rubbed. I was still able to go home after this fall


1636 days

Fall on slippery road (3 °, fog) in a turn at low speed, airbag triggered instantly! motorcycle simply scratched on a few parts, no bodily injuries. airbag which did not deflate alone, I had to unscrew the cartridge to start again! Thanks to the system and its efficiency!


1636 days


1763 days


1769 days


1876 days


1760 days


1715 days


1905 days


1717 days


1778 days


1710 days


2096 days

Cela fait maintenant un an…

que le système airbag In&motion est commercialisé. Depuis octobre 2018, nous avons eu de nombreux témoignages. Mais la même question revient inlassablement :

Est-ce que cela fonctionne ?

Finalement, les personnes les mieux placées pour répondre à cette question sont les personnes qui ont malheureusement vécu un accident mais qui malgré cela ont pu partager avec nous ce qu’ils ont pu vivre par la suite.

L’accident en lui-même n’est pas anodin et marque parfois un point de départ, une nouvelle manière d’appréhender la moto ou, de façon plus large, une nouvelle manière de faire les choses. Nous avons donc décidé de compter le cumul de nombres de jours qui se sont écoulés depuis l’accident des personnes interrogées et…

ce cumul de nombre de jours eSt aussi un décompte de moments de vie que nous avions envie de partager au plus grand nombre.

La moto est un élément qui réunit des passionnés, et peu importe la relation que les personnes peuvent avoir vis-à-vis de la moto, les visages s’animent quand on aborde le sujet.
C’est la raison pour laquelle nous avons souhaité aller au-delà en invitant les personnes ayant chuté avec notre technologie à partager leur ressenti et leur vécu en gardant bien en tête un élément : l’airbag n’est pas une « carte d’invincibilité ». Il s’agit là d’un bonus mais d’un bonus qui peut faire toute la différence au moment où on en a besoin.

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