MotoHow does it work ?

How does it work ?




 “technology for protection” 

In&motion airbags are 100% autonomous and smart, they work without cable or sensors that must be installed on the motorbike.
All the intelligence of this system is concentrated in one single box : the In&box.

The In&box is the brain of the system. It contains all the sensors and algorithms of the system. With 1000 analyses per second, the user’s position is continuously measured and allows the system to detect and anticipate falls.


The In&box is removable: it clips onto the airbag’s integrated backrest and is easily removed for recharging. It has an autonomy of 30 hours in continuous use and it takes 2 to 3 hours to fully recharge.

« Protected in less than 60 ms »

In case of an accident, the detection of the fall and the inflation of the airbag to the optimum pressure is done in less than 60 milliseconds!

The In&box detects the fall in record time and orders the Inflator (gas generator) to inflate the airbag to guarantee the best protection before the first impact.

« An evolving technology  » 

The driving data is collected anonymously and then analysed
by our team of Data Scientists,
to enable a continuous optimisation of the system.

Today, In&motion has logged more than 100 million kilometres travelled on a motorbike. The more our community rides, the best berforming In&motion’s technology becomes.

« 1 In&box, 3 detection modes  »

The types of riding on the road, on the circuit or off-road are very different, which is why In&motion has developed
3 algorithms specific to each of these practices.

The 3 detection modes are integrated in the In&box and switching from one mode to another is easily done via
the mobile application.

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