Tucano Urbano

Since the 1990s, Tucano Urbano has been equipping bikers with a range of clothing and metropolitan accessories combining design and practicality. The Italian brand now integrates the In&motion system with the AIRSCUD jacket: an airbag product that perfectly combines style and safety.

AIRSCUD is the perfect alliance between the elegance of TUCANO URBANO and the technology of the In&motion airbag system: a product that exploits the full potential of artificial intelligence to update itself and provide motorised two-wheelers users with constantly optimised safety features and services.

Thanks to its exclusive patented fastening system ARM LINK, AIRSCUD adapts and meets the needs of all users, regardless of the driving situation: It can be worn as clothing alone or as a sub-jacket, under any compatible motorcycle jacket*.

A design developed in Milan where TUCANO URBANO was born, AIRSCUD is recognizable by its clean lines, the choice of materials and the care taken to the smallest details. A sober, elegant, and comfortable garment to use every day.

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