SupportShould I buy or lease my In&box ?

Should I buy or lease my In&box ?

Pricing: You have choices between plans !

Included in both plans

  • Same level of protection
  • Updates and continuous optimization
  • Mobile App

Lease OPTION: revolution plan

Pros for this formula:

  • Spread over cash out
  • Make the airbag very accessible in price
  • Stop payments when you are not riding (suspension plan for 4€/month or cancellation by sending back the In&box, see here)
  • Quick service : get a new one before you have to send the damaged one (Unlimited warranty protection)
  • Can upgrade to the newest module after 3 years
  • Buy option after 3 years at 99 €

BUY OPTION: regular plan

Pros for this formula:

  • Immediate ownership
  • Cost less over time
  • Pay cash / one-time payment
  • 2 years warranty

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